About Us

  • Tanning, beauty & hair salons, health clubs, spas and beauty-related businesses can now make huge profits and create numerous new customers with our sun-kissed, safe, sensational tanning product range.
  • According to the “Looking Fit Fact Book”, published in the US, “Indoor tanning is a multi-billion dollar a year industry with over 25 million customers who actively tan indoors each year”.
  • South Africa is catching on fast with an increasing demand for UV-free tanning, which represents the safest and fastest-growing segment of the market.
  • UV-free tanning is the wave of the future as the concern over the effects of UV rays increases and more potential clients seek methods of sunless tanning.

KOEBANA is looking for self-motivated, energetic professionals in the salon industry – entrepreneurs that notice and act on opportunity.
KOEBANA is rapidly expanding across South Africa. We are in need of distributors and sales reps to help meet the demands of
our clientele. Join this exciting, fast-growing trend of sunless tanning – it is a great way to start your own business: with a small start-up
cost or an addition to an already-existing business.
KOEBANA conducted extensive research to bring you the best products to ensure clients return to retouch their tans. We recommend
an advanced turbine spray system that reduces over spray up to 90%, ensuring a cost-effective and efficient usage of solution. With
KOEBANA spray equipment, it takes 10 minutes to carry out a full-body treatment. Allowing time before and after each treatment.


  • Increase your profits to a potential annual five-figure revenue stream.
  • Attract new customers who choose the sunless, KOEBANA UV-free tan alternative.
  • Add an exciting new dimension to your business.
  • Market to those who are not able to or have the time to get a traditional tan.
  • KOEBANA product range differentiation to offer more tanning options to existing clients.
  • Attract customers from competitors that do not offer UV-free tanning services.
  • Realise high return on investments relatively quickly.
  • Turbine systems enable maximum client traffic and less dedicated therapist time.
  • Huge demand. Everyone loves a tan.
  • Affordable packages to suit your business – no hidden costs.
  • No contracts or legal jargon – just excellent products and service.

With KOEBANA, you are licensed to use our professionally designed name, logo, copyrighted marketing materials and strategies to start your business.you are licensed to use our professionally designed name, logo, copyrighted marketing materials and strategies to start your business.