Research and Development

KOEBANA has concluded agreements with international suppliers who have been researching and manufacturing sunless products for
over 20 years and are registered by the Food & Drug Association (FDA, USA). Further pioneering partnerships have enabled KOEBANA
to secure a supplementary product range to provide the customer with after-care products and to increase sales.

Koebana’s range of products are of a high quality and many months of research has yielded our sunless spray tan in a convenient
aerosol spray can. The patent pending design has raised interest from local and international companies wishing to license the product.

Why choose Koebana

The high quality DHA used in the Koebana solutions is the key attribute to our range yielding outstanding results. We are constantly
researching and developing products to compliment or add to the already wide range available.

Koebana solutions are each uniquely different catering for every type of skin from very fair to dark customers. The solutions can be
mixed together to form combinations and the colour can be strengthened using DHA Booster drops, Aroma Drops and Bronzer Drops.
Thus the end result can be customized to the client’s wishes and a gradual improvement can be attained with each customer visit until
the customer is 100% satisfied.

Our aim is to bring spray tanning to a broader South African market, thus assisting in the fight against Cancer and opening new
markets to health and beauty service providers. We would like as many South Africans as possible to experience the feeling of being
tanned, looking healthy and radiant and being complimented on their “great looks”. To achieve this we have two main objectives.
Firstly to ensure proper trained technicians are placed in the field and secondly to keep our product prices reasonable while attaining a
quality service.